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EEG in the Trauma & Resilience Lab

Dr. Kate Nooner, Principal Investigator

What is EEG?: Text

What is Electroencephalography (EEG)?

An EEG is a safe, non-invasive method to measure the electrical brain waves.

What is EEG?: Text

While the researchers get ready, participants watch cartoons and relax.


To make sure the cap fits comfortably, the researchers measure the participant's head and gently wipe the child's face.

What is EEG?: Get Involved

A little cool gel is gently put into the holes in the cap. It feels gooey, but does not hurt.


Participants sit quietly while the researcher starts the EEG.

What is EEG?: Get Involved

When the EEG is done, participants get a small prize and an award.


For more information, here's a quick EEG guide!

What is EEG?: Get Involved
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