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Trauma & Resilience Laboratory

How Adversity Impacts Development

Trauma & Resilience Laboratory wants to help youth and families by conducting research that helps youth grow in positive directions following adversity.


Who We Are

Our Mission

At Trauma & Resilience Laboratory, we believe that systematic study can make a difference in decreasing the onset, duration and severity of mental health problems. By understanding the ways in which adversity impacts the brain and behavior of the youth in our families and communities, we can build a healthier world for the next generation.


Our Team

TRLab Students & Faculty

In the TRLab, we have a carefully selected team of graduate and undergraduate students working with Dr. Nooner to conduct research.

Our Research

Our Studies & Projects

Our research focuses on the intersection of adversity, mental health problems and the brain to identify factors related to risk and resilience.

Getting Involved

Participate & Join Us!

At the TRLab, we are always looking for those who may be interested in becoming involved as research participants or research team members.

“If you are always trying to be normal you will never know how amazing you can be. ”

Maya Angelou

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